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Tankless Maintenance


"Don't get into hot water."

Perhaps more than any other appliance, this guy needs to be looked at regularly to ensure long-term reliability, efficiency and safety. In our experience, an unmaintained tankless water heater will typically last about 10 years, whereas a maintained tankless water heater can reportedly last up to 25 years. It is extremely important to regularly maintain these units. Regular maintenance can improve hot water flow rates, raise efficiency, and double the lifespan of the unit. It can also affect the warranty of the unit. So have it looked at and cleaned every year!

What's Included in Tankless Maintenance

-     Check of safety switches on unit
-     Cleaning of air filter
-     Cleaning of internal water filter(s)
-     Burner check
-     Check and cleaning (as required) of flame sensor
-     Gas pressure safety and efficiency adjustment
-     Visual check on heat exchanger
-     Flush of internal heat exchanger components
-     Thermostat operation check
-     Visual check of exhaust and intake venting
-     Condensate trap cleaning as required
-     Combustion analysis on system

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