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Air Conditioner Maintenance

"Just play it cool, boy.
Real cool..."

Maintenance keeps your AC going strong when the heat really hits. Get it cleaned and checked for possible issues before it fails.

There's a lot that can go wrong with an AC well before you end up living in a sauna. The longer undetected problems persist; the more expensive the repair becomes. In some cases, undetected issues can lead to premature unit replacement. Dirty air conditioners waste electricity and can permanently damage your equipment. Keep yours running efficiently and catch the small repairs, before they become expensive.


What's Included in AC Maintenance

-    Capacitor check

-    Condenser amperage check
-    Refrigerant pressure check
-    Superheat check
-    Subcooling check
-    Temperature differential check
-    Thermostat operation check
-    Temperature switch check
-    Condenser coil cleaning
-    Evaporator coil check
-    Condensate line cleaning
-    Filter check

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