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Furnace Maintenance


"Flame on!"

Some people think that as long as their equipment is producing heat, it's running well. They're wrong :)

Furnace maintenance keeps your equipment running efficient, safe, and clean. Problems can get worse when they aren't addressed early. Leaking gaskets that aren't repaired can lead to expensive motor or control replacements. Inefficient furnaces can lead to early equipment replacement. It is definitely worth doing every year!

What's Included in Furnace Maintenance

-     A complete check of all safety switches on unit
-     A brush and vacuum cleaning of all fan components and compartments including each individual fan blade
-     Exterior cleaning of secondary heat exchanger
-     Cleaning of burners
-     Check and cleaning of flame sensor
-     Gas pressure safety and efficiency adjustment
-     Visual check on safety of heat exchanger
-     Capacitor efficiency check
-     Thermostat operation check
-     Visual check of exhaust and intake venting
-     Condensate trap cleaning
-     Combustion analysis on entire system
-     Temperature rise measurement

-     Humidifier operation check

-     Ignition system checks

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Collector leak.jpeg
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