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HRV/ERV Maintenance

"Breathe in... Breathe out..."


Honestly, many clients don't even understand what this thing is, and affectionately refer to is as "their hvac". So, if you have one, and you don't know what it is, we can help!

Here's what it does: it brings fresh air into the home more efficiently than opening a window. These things get filthy inside, and are constantly forgotten.


This maintenance also functions as a tutorial for how it works, how you can maintain it yourself, the results of high/low humidity in the home and how to make it play nice with your humidifier. Book yours today.

What's Included in HRV/ERV Maintenance

-     Cleaning of fan blades as required
-     Cleaning of both filters
-     Soak or dry clean of recovery core
-     Cleaning of interior compartment
-     Cleaning of outdoor air intake
-     Cleaning of outdoor exhaust
-     Operation check

-     Fan interlock check if applicable

-     Condensate line cleaning depending on access and if required
-     Customer tutorial explaining how control works

-     Customer tutorial explaining what it does and where to set it depending on client preferences

-     Tutorial explaining how clients can clean it themselves (we're happy to do it too!)

-     Explanation of how to set humidifier and ventilator properly

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