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Heat Pump Maintenance

You're hot, then you're cold..."

As Canadian carbon footprint goals move forwards, these types of units are going to be more and more common.

As heat pumps are basically air conditioners that can operate in reverse, a lot of the system checks that are required to keep an ac running well are required by heat pumps.  Since they're both cooling the house in summer, and heating it in winter, they're pulling double-duty. Maintenance for these is best booked in the spring/summer season.


What's Included in Heat Pump Maintenance

-    Capacitor check

-    Condenser amperage check
-    Refrigerant pressure checks
-    Superheat check
-    Subcooling check
-    Temperature differential check
-    Thermostat operation check
-    Reversing valve check
-    Condenser coil cleaning
-    Evaporator coil check
-    Condensate line cleaning
-    Filter check

-    Heating and cooling operation checks

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