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Fireplace Maintenance

"Light my fire."

There's nothing cozier than sitting in front of a warm fireplace at the end of a cold day. Fireplace maintenance ensures that your fireplace is running safely, and is looking it's best. The white haze that can occur on a fireplace can not only be cleaned off, but can indicate an issue that should be addressed. A good cleaning can also prevent further repairs from the pilot (starter) flame becoming clogged. Maintaining your fireplace keeps it safe, pretty, and can help prevent failures.


What's Included in Fireplace Maintenance

-     A complete check of all safety switches on unit
-     Cleaning of thermocouple/sensor
-     Cleaning of thermopile
-     Burner check
-     Cleaning of glass
-     Cleaning of unit
-     Visual check of venting
-     Thermopile mV check
-     Thermostat/switch operation check
-     Visual check of exhaust and intake venting
-     Log placement check and correction

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