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Before giving us a call, we encourage you to have a look at the following system checks to see if you can get things going again.

Fireplace Repairs

1. Thermostat Batteries


Some thermostats have batteries that are responsible for turning things on and off at the right time. If you have a fireplace remote, be aware that there are batteries in the remote AND in the receiver typically. It's usually located inside the fireplace and will say "off, remote, on", There are batteries in that compartment.

2. Switch

The type of wall switch shown above is not a good choice for a fireplace. If your fireplace seems to turn off and on on its own, try pushing the switch in, rather than just "flicking" the switch gently. You may find that helps it to work. If you wish to replace it, we recommend a fireplace remote, or thermostat rated for fireplaces.

3. Pilot/Starter Flame


Fireplaces have a small flame that needs to be lit before lighting the main flame. If you can't see a small flame in your fireplace somewhere, you may need to re-light your pilot flame. Locate the knob that says "off, pilot, on", and find the line next to the knob, that indicates what mode you're in. Turn that knob so that the line points to pilot. You should now be able to push the knob inwards.

Locate your sparker. It's a small button that requires a bit of force to push it. You'll here a somewhat loud click when you push it. Push the knob that says pilot fully inwards with one hand, and push the sparker with the other hand once every few seconds. If after 10 or so tries, nothing happens, gently wiggle the wire behind the sparker and try another 10 times. Once you hear a little woosh or see a small flame, you don't have to push the sparker anymore. BUT, you do have to keep holding the pilot knob in for a maximum of about 45 seconds.


Now that you've counted out 45 seconds, you can gently let the pilot knob come outwards all the way. The last step is to turn the knob so the line next to it points at "on". Your fireplace should now be able to turn on and off as it normally does.

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