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Before giving us a call, we encourage you to have a look at the following system checks to see if you can get things going again.

Furnace Repairs

1. Diagnostic Lights

The first thing you'll want to do is look for a small see-through spot in the furnace with lights in it. If it's blinking, write down how many times it blinks and the colour (ex: 1 fast blink, then 3 slow blinks). Sometimes there's numbers written on a screen. Write those down.

3. Thermostat Batteries


Some thermostats have batteries that are responsible for turning things on and off at the right time. Change the batteries, regardless of what the battery indicator says. That being said; just because your thermostat screen is blank, it does NOT mean it's the source of the problem. Keep checking things on this list.

5. Exhaust and Intake Vents


If your vents get clogged, your appliance will not turn on. Make sure it's free of snow. Another couple of popular items to find in vents are rocks or toy cars the kids have thrown in. :)

2. Breaker and Switch


Make sure that your breaker is on for your equipment. Furnace switches can be hard to locate sometimes. They're usually high up at the bottom of the stairs or in the mechanical room. Sometimes it's good to switch the breakers and switch off and on again, even when it looks like it's in the on position.

4. Change the Filter


If a furnace overheats or if an air conditioner freezes up, it will do a little bit of work, but won't quite reach temperature. Replace your filter, then turn your appliance off and then wait a few seconds, and turn it back on at the breaker.

6. Gas Turned Off/Propane Empty


For sometimes inexplicable reasons, meters get turned off without them being turned back on afterwards. If the valve looks like the picture above, you're good. If the two round holes are lined up, your gas is off to the entire house. If your gas has been turned off, give Enbridge a  call and find out why. Alternatively, if you're on propane, make sure your propane tanks aren't empty.

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