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Heat Pump and Ductless Installation

We've always been focused on only selling the products that we think are the most reliable in the market. Our years of experience in the trade has taught us that Mitsubishi is currently leading the market for ductless and high efficiency electric options. Like everything else we sell, we promote the most reliable brands over any others.

Mitsubshi units come with a 10 years parts and labour warranty, when it's installed by one of their listed technicians. With Roger's Heating and Air Conditioning you get the full 10 year parts and labour warranty from Mitsubishi. Installation quality is the most important part of any heat pump or air conditioner, whether its a ducted unit or a ductless. We've spent the extra money on getting the best tools to provide you with the best installation. We've replaced 7 year old air conditioners that just could not be salvaged, and it's almost guaranteed that a bad installation caused it.

Learn more about Mitsubishi's fantastic product line here:

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The Gallery

A small collection of heat pump installations; so you can see what our work looks like. There's so many steps that can be skipped with installation and as the client, you'll probably only find out years later that important steps were skipped.

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