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Before giving us a call, we encourage you to have a look at the following system checks to see if you can get things going again.

Humidifier Repairs

1. Humidistat


First you want to make sure your humidistat is asking for more humidity. Turn the knob to off, then gently turn it toward on, until you hear a click, then go a little further. If it's controlled by your thermostat, make sure it's set higher than it is currently. To test it, you could turn it up all the way.

3. Humidifier Pad


Although it may still look ok, if it's older than a year, you should change the pad. There's an absorbent clay layer on the pad that helps it to hold water. It may not humidify as well if it's been more than a year since the pad has been changed.

2. Bypass Damper

Make sure the damper on your humidifier is set to open, or winter position. Sometimes the damper is on the round metal duct going from the humidifier to the ductwork.


4. Water Shut Off


If no water is going into the humidifier, it won't work. Follow the tiny water tube up to where it attaches to the main water lines in the house. You should find a valve there and it should be parallel with the tube, or turned counter-clockwise just like opening a tap.

5. One More Thing


Your humidifier will most likely not turn on unless the heat is turned on and is currently running. That's how they're typically wired in the furnace. Also, it can take a good day or two for the house to get up to the right humidity level.

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