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Air Quality Installation

Humidifiers, HRVs, and ERVs are an important part of indoor air quality. Government studies have often shown indoor air quality to be subpar in homes. HRVs and ERVs help bring in fresh air in an efficient way. Humidifiers add needed humidity to a home that would otherwise be overly dry in wintertime. UV and carbon technology can help to lower VOCs and viruses in the air. There's a lot out there we could discuss in this broad category.


If you'd like to hear more about the options, or if you'd like to hear more call the office or fill out the contact card at the bottom of the page. We'd be happy to help!


The Gallery

For those of us with allergies, congestion and/or dry skin, a humidifier can make a big difference. HRV/ERVs can help with keeping the air in the home fresh and keeping carbon dioxide amounts lower. UV lights, activated carbon, HEPA, and other filtration measures can help to clean the air from smells and VOCs. Have a chat with us about your concerns and see what we can do to help.

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