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Air Conditioner Installation

We've always been focused on only selling the products that we think are the most reliable in the market. Our years of experience in the trade has taught us that Rheem is currently making the most reliable furnace on the market. So long as they keep making great products, we'll keep recommending them.

Rheem air conditioners come with a 10 years parts warranty. With Roger's Heating and Air Conditioning you also get our own in-house labour warranty. That means we're just as concerned about giving you a reliable installation as you are. We cannot stress enough how important it is to install it properly on day one. We've replaced 7 year old air conditioners that just could not be salvaged due to bad installation.

Learn more about Rheem's fantastic product line here:

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The Gallery

Just a small collection of recent air conditioner installations; so you can see what our work looks like. There's so many steps that can be skipped with installation and as the client, you'll probably only find out years later that important steps were skipped. We try to install our indoor coils in such a way that they can be serviced. Cleaning can be really tough when things are not installed with future service in mind. We also very regularly see indoor coils that are too small for the furnace it's paired with. This can lead to all sorts of problems, even within its first year.

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