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We offer a variety of installation services, and install only what we've found to be the most reliable products in each category. Click on the titles to learn more about each type of appliance installation, and what products we recommend.

With Roger's Heating and Air Conditioning you get more than just a manufacturer warranty, you get our own in-house warranty. That means we're just as concerned about giving you a reliable installation as you are.

Furnace Installation

Our years in the trade have taught us that Rheem is making the most reliable furnace on the market today. Reliability doesn't just save you money in the future, it saves the stress and hassle that comes from equipment failure.


Air Conditioner Installation

A poorly installed air conditioner just doesn't last the way a well-installed unit does, no matter the brand. We take great care to not skip any steps in the installation of your unit. It takes time, but we've seen bad installations fail within 7 years, with no reasonable way to save the unit. Quality installation is important!


Fireplace Installation

With so many different options available, fireplaces have become a real designer's dream. Here reliability is rarely an issue and it's up to you to decide what you like best. Napoleon, Continental, Savannah, and Valor all make excellent products that can fit almost any situation.


Water Heater Installation

We have a wide range of product types available: tankless, gas/propane tanks, electric tanks, hybrid tanks, hard water specific tanks. There's a solution available for every family's needs.


HRV/ERV Installation

A client of ours recently started monitoring her CO2 levels in the home and found out that her home did not meet the government standards for fresh air in a building. After installing a unit with us, she found that her home was well within range afterwards. These appliances help to bring fresh air into the home in a more efficient way than opening a window. They can also dehumidify your home in wintertime when it's required.


Heat Pump/Air Handler Installation

The future of heating and air conditioning has gained a lot of traction as we try to move off of fossil fuels. Modern heat pumps can still produce heat in temperatures as low as -30C. Just like air conditioners, good installation practice is of the highest importance to prevent expensive failures down the line.


Humidifier/Indoor Air Quality Installation

Indoor air quality is rife with fake products and things that may or may not work for you. Have a chat with us and get an honest opinion. Humidifiers are a huge quality of life improvement for those that have allergies. UV light and activated carbon products may help reduce smells, virus proliferation, and VOCs.

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